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Swimming FUNdamentals

OVERVIEW: Teaches kids to hold their breath underwater and basic swimming skills including using kicks and arms. Teaches parents to lay a good SWIM foundation for children. 

AGE: 6-18 months

PARTICIPATION: 2-3 students (w/ a parent)

DAY/TIME: Call for current times

LENGTH: 20-30 minutes

COST: $50 per child


Traditional Lessons

OVERVIEW: Helps children ready for more stroke-specific lessons. Teaches kids to put their face in the water, alternate arms, use stronger kicks and dive for toys.

AGE: 2-8 years

PARTICIPATION: 1:1 lessons

DAY/TIME: Monday-Thursday for two weeks

LENGTH: 15 minutes (ages 2-3); 20 minutes (ages 3-8)

COST: $90/week per child

Survival Classes

OVERVIEW: A child sees a world without limits. You see a world with potential hazards with the leading threat being water. Give your child extra protection with aquatic survival instruction. If you, a babysitter, neighbor or relative live near a pool, lake, pond, river, canal or water hazard, these skills are critical for your child’s safety.

AGE: 6 months-6 years

PARTICIPATION: 1:1 lessons

DAY/TIME: 4 days a week (3-4 weeks for infants; 4-6 weeks for older children)

LENGTH: 10 minutes

COST: $105/week per child

OTHER DETAILSStudents who are crawling (generally 6-8 months) through 15 months will learn survival floating, which includes rotating from facedown position to a back float followed by the ability to rest and breathe calmly until help arrives. Older children will learn a swim-float sequence, which includes 1.) swimming face down using arms and legs, 2.) rolling to a back float when needed to rest and breathe, 3.) flipping back to a swimming position to reach the wall or stairs. After accomplishing these skills in a bathing suit, children will practice their skills in summer clothing and then winter clothing since most children who find themselves in the water alone are fully clothed. 

Adult Instruction

OVERVIEW: Helps adults become more comfortable in the water in addition to learning basic swimming techniques. 

AGE: Adult

PARTICIPATION: 1:1 lessons

DAY/TIME: Call for current times

LENGTH: 30 minutes

COST: $65/lesson

Please note that the lessons are a guide to assist scheduling a class only – each swimmer is taught according to their own individual level.
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